Thursday, February 24, 2011

Priyanka warms up to Kareena

Mumbai Mirror reported on December 21 on ceasefire between Kareena and Priyanka. At the Mumbai Police Mela organised then, Piggy made the first move and called Bebo on stage. A six-year-long cold war ended.

Technically, Bebo should have made the second move but it seems Piggy is keener. So be it. At the Filmfare Awards rehearsals on Friday night, Priyanka went up to Bebo and gave her a warm hug. Kareena, who was scheduled to rehearse after Piggy, had to wait for a long time because a lot of changes were being added to Piggy's performance. Kareena was apparently getting very restless in the interim and she walked down to the rehearsal hall.

Furious for having had to wait for so long, Bebo was apparently pacing up and down the hall. In a little while, she even had to rush to Pune for the shoot of Bodyguard.


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