Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tamil Nadu boxing official arrested for sexual harassment

Chennai, March 1 : Tamil Nadu Boxing Association (TNBA) secretary A.K. Karunakaran was arrested from his home here Tuesday after a woman pugilist accused him of demanding sexual favours, police said.

A local court sent him to 15 days' judicial custody.

At the court premises, supporters of the woman boxer manhandled Karunakaran and his assistant. The police, however, escorted them to safety.

The woman boxer was not selected for the Tamil Nadu team which participated in the just-concluded National Games in Ranchi.

Vodafone India to launch 3G by week end or March End – Prices revealed

So this is new information, wait, perhaps its old. But, anyway a representative from Vodafone India Corp Comm, told us that Vodafone will try launching its services by 10 th March or latest by 30th March. Are they trying to bring in the next fiscal year with 3G?

So pricing still remains a mystery, as far as we know, you should get ready to hear ridiculous pricing for all their Data plans

Pay as you Go

* 10p for 10kb roughly translated makes it 10,000 Rs / GB

Or possibly prepaid monthly packs (prices not confirmed)

* 600 Rs – 399 MB
* 400 Rs – 199 MB
* 1200 Rs – 1 GB

Similar pricing with postpaid is expected.

But, with Packs like these Vodafone shouldn’t bother. These packs are not up-to expectation and will let down a lot of hopeful consumers like us!

Unveil 3-door micro concept car of the size of Tata Nano

ata Motors is all set to unveil a compact car in the upcoming Geneva car show this week. Ratan Tata, chairman Tata Motors will be present at the occasion and will unveil the automaker’s latest three-door small car which will be an experimental model for the European car market. Anticipations are high that the new car will be given an entirely a new name and not Tata Nano but will be about the same size as that of Nano (over 3m long).

The company is yet to make any official decision about the powertrain of the car, its launch and other specifications of the car including the price but one sure thing that came out of Tata’s official spokesperson was that the compact car was designed with the idea of lot of space specifically for the European market. Tata had earlier expressed its desire to bring the Nano to Europe in 2011 and has said that it was working on European and American versions of the Nano and will bring the US specific Nano in 2011.

Speaking at an interview Carl-Peter Foster, chief executive Tata Motors said that the ‘concepr car’ is engineered as to provide maximum interior space and will be produced in India. Tata’s micro concept would enter the European market ‘not before 2013’, added Carl-Peter Foster.

Tata’s micro concept car will be ultra cheap and its low cost is going to be its biggest USP. But in order to become a hit in the European market it will have to meet the strict emission and safety norms in Europe to be able to compete against the top brands in the concept vehicle category predominanted by Volkswagen, Nissan, Ford and more. The production of the car will most possibly start in 2013 which makes the micro concept car a long term initiative.

Manisha’s marry go round

While every marriage goes through its ups and downs, eyebrows were raised when Manisha Koirala hastily announced her wedding and then got married to Nepali businessman Samrat Dahan. Then, with equal haste, the actress put up a note saying that she was not happy with the marriage and it had turned out to be a disappointment on a certain microblogging site right after the wedding. One wondered what was going on and whether she was happy at getting married or not, and whether the marriage would last.

But it seems that good sense has prevailed and elders in the families of the bride and the groom have spoken to them and tried to smoothen things. The last update from Manisha is that the twain is happy at her Versova house where they are currently residing.

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