Friday, March 25, 2011

Surgery Scars Can Now Be removed

Sometimes we come across such health disorders or accidents which demand undergoing surgery. On one hand surgery saves our life but n the other hand they leave behind deep scars which often become embarrassing for the person. Surgery scars are usually thought to be permanent.

These scars are nothing but the collected skin tissues. After a surgery, the body tries to heal itself and since the body cannot create healthy skin and tissues immediately, it brings together fiber which are not as functional as the original skin tissues This collected fiber put together is know as scars. These scar tissues have limited blood circulation, movement and sensation.

The scars are also do not have sweat glands, are pale and less resistant to ultraviolet rays. The good news is that the surgery scars are removable. Here are ways to remove surgery scars –

1.One of the best way to remove surgery scar is to massage the area. Massage helps in breaking down the scar tissues and also enhance the blood supply. This encourages the formation of skin tissues and thus, get back the normal skin.

2.The next best solution is the use of Retin A cream.This cream enhances the skin cell production which helps replaces the older cells and bring about the formation of new skin tissues, thus, slowly blurring the scar.

3.Vitamin E is also well known to remove scars. Studies have roves that Vitamin E has the ability to penetrate into the skin and results in the formation of free radicals. This enhances the healing process. Vitamin E enhances the collagen production which strengthens and enhances the elasticity of the skin. Regular application of Vitamin E oil.

These are the best three methods for removal of surgery scars. Removal of surgery scars always take time depending on the severity of the surgery.


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