Saturday, April 30, 2011

Air India strike continues, third day losses sum to Rs 12cr

On the first day of the strike, Air India successfully operated 44 flights (100 %) of its subsidiary Alliance Air, 70 flights of Air India Express (2 more than scheduled) and 53 flights of Air India wide body (3 more than scheduled).

The strike has only affected the domestic operations of Air India. A total of 57 flights were cancelled as 69 executive pilots reporting sick..

Revenue loss: Rs 4.5 crore approx

28th April 2011

On the second day of the strike, the operations of Alliance Air and Air India Express were normal. The operations of Air India wide body were near normal as a couple of its flights were cancelled.

Despite the number of domestic flights being curtailed by 45, the sector saw cancellation of 51 flights – which means a total of 96 flights being affected.

Revenue loss: Rs 10 crore approx

29th April 2011

On the third day of the strike, Alliance Air, Air India Express and Air India wide body continued to maintain normal services. Infact, AIE operated two additional flights to Dubai and Sharjah to clear the rush.

Once again the domestic sector saw a further curtailment of flights by 126. This was also because this sector has decided to refuse fresh bookings for five days. The number of flights successfully operated today is 39. This includes a Jumbo service between the Mumbai-Delhi sector.

Revenue loss: Rs 12 crore approx


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