Friday, April 1, 2011

Big movies hit the screens

The movie's story is interesting too. Anupam Kher playing Kabir Malhotra invites four strangers - Neil Menon played by Abhishek Bachchan, O.P. Ramsay by Boman Irani, Tisha Khanna by Shahana Goswami and Vikram Kapoor by Jimmy Shergill, to his private island in Samos, Greece. Then, they leave for a thrilling journey of love, revenge, retribution and a murder, where everyone is a suspect and every suspect has a motive behind whatever he or she does!

Incidentally, Abhishek is a casino owner from Turkey, who has invested in various businesses, some legal, some not. His involvement in crime is likely to threaten his existence. Shahana is a crime journalist from London, with a career that is going nowhere. But her life turns around when she is offered a scoop. Boman is a politician from Thailand and Jimmy has been cast as a superstar from Bollywood. Among female actors, Kangana Ranaut plays as detective Sia Agnihotri from London who stumbles upon the case of her lifetime.


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