Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gujarat Has Become Benchmark For Development In India: Modi

Ahmedabad : Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today claimed that the state has become a benchmark for development in the country.

“In the (ongoing)elections in the five states, one thing has come to fore, that Gujarat has become benchmark of development,” Modi said while addressing a public meeting after inaugurating two bridges here in the presence of BJP leader L K Advani.

“In these elections, those who were impressed by Gujarat had said that they would develop their state on lines of our state. And those who are against Gujarat, drew comparison saying that they have developed their state better than us,” Modi said.

“This only shows that, Gujarat has become a benchmark of development in the country,” Modi said.

Modi lambasted forces perceived by him to be opposed to state by saying, “Some people get fever when the name of Gujarat is taken. A simple man like Anna Hazare, was asked a question and by mistake he took my name. Those forces got jolted by it and now they are trying to defame Hazare”.

Targeting Congress, he said, “Hazare had not taken name of any party in his fight against corruption. But the Congress was disturbed. This only shows that they indulge in corruption”.

Modi also raised the issue of naming big national schemes only after members of one family targeting the Congress.

“Thousands of schemes introduced by central and state government are named after them. I do not want to take their name. But we here believe in naming them after real national leaders”.

“Our Municipal Corporation has given the name of Sister Nivedita to an under-bridge in Paldi and Rishi Dadhichi bridge which is 10th on river Sabarmati”, Modi said.  Modi told the centre to compete with Gujarat on the issue of development.

Advani praised Modi for the developmental works carried out by his government in Gujarat. PTI


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