Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lohan`s mother fumes over CCTV footage sale

London: Lindsay Lohan`s mother Dina has lashed out at a California jewellery store for selling surveillance footage of the actress trying on a necklace she later allegedly stole from the shop.

Clips of the video have also emerged online at Necklacevideo, with fans being asked to pay $2.99 to view more of the recording, reports

Lohan`s mother Dina is fuming about the release of the footage and she has branded the "pay-as-you-watch" scheme "ridiculous".

"It`s clear what this is about. It`s gotten to such a ridiculous point. They need to leave Lindsay alone," Dina told reporters.

Lindsay is also infuriated with the bosses at Kamofie and Company trying to cash in on her name. She has even threatened legal action claiming she never granted the store owners permission to use her image for profit. IANS


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