Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rs 30 Lakhs Spent On Anna Hazare 4-Day Fast

New Delhi, Apr 14: Anna Hazare and his associates brought the government to its knees on the Lokpal Bill issue through a campaign on which a little over Rs 30 lakh was spent in the past one year.

According to details provided by 'India Against Corruption' (IAC), which spearheaded the campaign, it received a total donation of Rs 82,87,668 while it spent Rs 32,69,900 for the campaign.

"We have issued receipts to all the donors and have maintained a record of their details. We issued receipts on account of Public Cause Research Foundation which is acting as secretariat for the campaign," an IAC spokesperson said.

According to IAC, they spent Rs 9,47,344 for tent, bed, sound system and hall booking for the Jantar Mantar protest and other programmes. An amount of Rs 8,93,938 was spent on telephone calls while another Rs 4,61,382 was spent on travelling.  PTI


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