Monday, April 4, 2011

Scientists to Make Heart Transplant Easier

At the University of Minnesota’s Heart Lab, experiments are going on which will make heart transplant easier and the patients won’t be required to tale anti-immunity drugs. The experiment is a major step towards the first ‘grow- your-own’ heart, and could be helpful in creating artificial liver, kidney and lungs.

It has come to light that British Doctors in 2007 grew a human heart valve by using stem cells taken from a patient’s bone marrow. And a year later, scientists grew a beating animal heart for the first time.

Dr Taylor’s team who is working at Minnesota’s Heart Lab., has already created beating hearts of rat and pig. At the American College of Cardiology’s annual conference in New Orleans the researchers told that they have created new organs using human hearts taken from dead bodies.

The scientists told that the cells were stripped from the dead hearts with powerful detergent, leaving ‘ghost heart’ scaffolds made from the protein collagen. The ghost hearts were then injected with millions of stem cells, which had been extracted from patients and supplied with nutrients. The stem cells ‘recognized’ the collagen heart structure and began to turn into heart muscle cells.

If the experiment proves successful it will be a ground-breaking invention in the field of science and technology. The biggest problem that scientists are facing is getting enough oxygen to the organ through a complex network of blood vessels.


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