Monday, April 18, 2011

Use of Strawberries can Prevent Esophageal Cancer

This research was conducted by Tong Chen, MD, PhD, an Assistant Professor of medicine at Ohio State University, Cancer Center, Columbus. The financial support for this research was given by California Strawberry Commission.
The professor evaluated the use of freeze Strawberries in 36 males and females who had precancerous stage of Esophagus.
Prevention of Esophageal Cancer

The average age of patients was about 54 years. All had high risk of Esophagus cancer where Esophagus is a pipe that connects the throat with the stomach which allows the food to enter in stomach for the digestion process.

According to the study of American Cancer Society 16,640 new cases of Esophagus were discovered in year 2010 and out of which 14,500 people died of this disease.

The causes of Esophageal Cancer can be caused due to the reasons like smoking, drinking alcohol etc.

Treatment of Esophageal Cancer with the Help of Study

Chen suggested the patients to take about 2 ounce of freeze dried Strawberries daily. The Strawberries should be dried because it can concentrate its components that can enhance the fighting against cancer.
The patients were required to keep the daily check on their strawberry intake and the patients who were under observation had biopsies before and after the study. 31 patients had the mild pre cancerous conditions and 5 patients had moderate conditions.

The study showed that doctors forecasted the Precancerous injury will grow in to cancer. The 25% of patients with mild conditions will build up cancer in 15 to 20 years. The patients with modest conditions will build up cancer in next 15 to 20 years.

29 out of 36 patient’s precancerous injury decreased, 6 had no change and 1 patients experienced increase in precancerous conditions.

Researchers are further discovering about the best dose and duration for the use Strawberries in order to the treat the Esophageal Cancer.


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