Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yes, this is where a woman likes to be touched

Apart from the areas where men love to touch their women, she has sensitive points all across her body. Here are four parts of her body that we men commonly ignore.

Backside of the Knee

Behind the knee is one of the very sensitive areas for woman’s sexuality. Most men are not even aware that this area can stimulate their woman and lead to better sex.


Women love to have someone caress their hair. It works as an amazing stress reliever. The one other thing it surely does to women is to fire her passion. She loves to be pampered. Be cautious not to spoil her hair-do while you are at a party.


Kissing and even gentle biting on the earlobes can work wonders to ignite that fire. Women love to feel their man’s lips on her earlobes. Be sure to stress on the word “gentle” when biting her earlobes.

Inner thighs

Touching your woman’s inner thighs can create a pleasurable sensation among women.  This is one of the most obvious pleasure centres but generally underestimated by men.


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