Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Will Not Break Down, Nor Bow Out, Says Modi

Ahmedabad : Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today accused the Centre of persecuting him through constitutional authorities, saying he would neither “break down” nor “bow out”.Modi’s statement came in the backdrop of recent revelations made by IPS officer Sanjeev Bhatt in his affidavit in the Supreme Court implicating the CM in the 2002 communal riots.

“I have been silent for one year. But today, when the Golden Jubilee celebrations are getting over, I want to put my word before the people,” Modi said during the closing ceremony of a function celebrating Gujarat’s Golden Jubilee year.  “This kind of discrimination in democracy, faced by Gujarat, would not have been experienced by any other state,” the chief minister said.

“In the coming days, I would be entering the battle field with my full strength, I want your blessing,” Modi told the gathering.“To tolerate injustice is also a crime, now Gujarat won’t tolerate injustice,” he added.

“There are thousands of opportunities to trouble Modi, every constitutional authority has been let out to harass Modi. But Modi will not breakdown nor would he bow out,” the chief minister said.

Modi also attacked state Congress, without naming it, for boycotting the Golden Jubilee celebrations terming it anti-Gujarat.

“We have always tried to take everybody together. But those who wanted to take political advantage did not participate or cooperate in the Golden Jubilee celebrations,” Modi said without naming the Congress party.  Those who did not consider the golden jubilee celebration as theirs, opposed it or created obstacles in it, are anti-Gujarat, he said appealing the gathering to “not forgive them”.

Modi said that this was not his function alone, it was a celebration for the entire state. “There could be differences but why this kind of perversity?” he asked.  “Some people forget to take name of Gujarat, but they can’t miss remembering Modi. They don’t feel blessed if they do not remember Modi 108 times. They are into the habit of criticising Gujarat,” Modi added.

The chief minister said that the progress of Gujarat was a collective effort of all the governments in the past 50 years and also by the leaders and people of the state.“People of Gujarat know us very well. They do not have any question in their minds about our philosophy or what we are trying to achieve,” he added. PTI


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