Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Microsoft ships Windows 8 test version to PC makers

Microsoft has begun to ship the first test version of its Windows 8 operating system to PC manufacturers – at least that is what posts on online forums are buzzing about, which means a 2012 release that is late into that year isn’t going to be derailed anytime soon. Microsoft certainly places a lot of importance on Windows 8 simply because it will come with special features for tablets. 

Apart from that, Windows 8 will also boast the virtue of being the first version of the full Windows desktop OS that is able to run on low-powered ARM processors which are seen in most tablet devices, not to mention a design that clearly favors touchscreen displays. Apparently, the test version of Windows 8 is being touted to go through Microsoft Connect, a program for privileged beta testers. Do you think Microsoft will be able to make an impact on tablets with Windows 8, or will the iPad 3 have conquered the entire tablet market by then?


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