Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Person is Happiest at 80 Years of Age

Elderly and not youngsters are the most happiest with a new study revealing that happiness in a human being peaks when he is 80 years of age.

The recent study, led by Professor Lewis Wolpert at University College London, found that those under 30 years of age were “averagely happy” but the level of happiness declined as they entered their middle ages and they became embroiled in supporting their family. Nearly 350,000 people were surveyed by the researchers as part of the study.

However with all the responsibilities over by mid forties, the cheerfulness returns with the researchers saying that the happiness would be at its maximum in their seventies and eighties.

“From the mid-forties, people tend to become ever more cheerful and optimistic, perhaps reaching a maximum in their late seventies or eighties”, Wolpert wrote in his study, which has been published by the American National Academy of Sciences.


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