Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vodafone India to launch 3G by week end or March End – Prices revealed

So this is new information, wait, perhaps its old. But, anyway a representative from Vodafone India Corp Comm, told us that Vodafone will try launching its services by 10 th March or latest by 30th March. Are they trying to bring in the next fiscal year with 3G?

So pricing still remains a mystery, as far as we know, you should get ready to hear ridiculous pricing for all their Data plans

Pay as you Go

* 10p for 10kb roughly translated makes it 10,000 Rs / GB

Or possibly prepaid monthly packs (prices not confirmed)

* 600 Rs – 399 MB
* 400 Rs – 199 MB
* 1200 Rs – 1 GB

Similar pricing with postpaid is expected.

But, with Packs like these Vodafone shouldn’t bother. These packs are not up-to expectation and will let down a lot of hopeful consumers like us!


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