Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dietary Supplements may be Risky for Health

According to a recent study, it has been revealed that the intake of dietary supplements is harmful for health and can have deteriorating results on the human body. It was revealed in the finding of Wen-Bin Chiou from National Sun Yat Sen University, that the use of dietery supplements can harm the body and also make you lethargic and prone to making wrong decisions.

When a person has had a dietary supplement, he/she would tend to eat an unhealthy diet after that. That is partially because of the feel good effect that the supplement tends to have on a person. It makes a person feel, he is doing enough for his health and it wouldn’t matter if he ate unhealthy food now.

Youngsters tend to cling on to dietary supplements in order to build their bodies and when they start going to the gym for extra energy. These drinks tend to act like boosters for their energy but they deteriorate the overall health of a person.

"After reviewing the literature of the prevalence of dietary supplement use, it seemed to show that use of dietary supplements is increasing, but it does not appear to be correlated with improved public health”, said Chiou.


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