Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hosni Mubarak Hospitalised: Report

Cairo : Hosni Mubarak, the deposed Egyptian president, has been hospitalised at the Red Sea port of Sharm el-Shaikh, where he has been staying since he quit following a massive popular uprising in February, a media report said today.

“He has been under house arrest in Sharm el-Shaikh ever since he was ousted from power. We are still not sure of what condition he is in, but the former president has been complaining that he’s been unwell for some time now,” Al Jazera said.

82-year-old Mubarak has kept a low profile since he quit on February 11 following an 18-day popular uprising against his rule.

The report said the former dictator has been hospitalised. There has been no official statement from the army or health authorities regarding Mubarak’s admission, but sources within the army have confirmed that the former president is indeed being looked at by doctors, the channel said.

Mubarak, who has been banned from leaving the country, along with his sons and their wives, earlier his week was summoned by the state prosecutor for questioning over alleged corruption and killings of protesters. Mubarak’s sons Alaa and Gamal have also been summoned for questioning.

The summons for appearance for the former Egyptian ironman came just 24-hour after Mubarak came out of his self imposed seclusion to decry what he termed as an “unjust campaign against him and declared that he did not own any assets abroad.”

“All measures would be taken to ensure the safety of Mubarak and his sons during their appearance,” the Interior Minister, Mansur Essawy said.

But no date was announced, Al Jazeera reported, saying that the minister had warned that if Mubarak refused to show up he could face arrest.

Mubarak had said he would cooperate fully with the prosecutor-general’s investigations into allegations of corruption committed by his himself and family members.

“He was supposed to travel to Cairo to be questioned about his wealth, about his assets, by the prosecutor-general here, but he said that he was unable to travel,” the Arab channel said.

“Now whether or not its a coincidence that he falls ill just days after the prosecutor-general decided to summon him as well as his two sons, Gamal and Alaa, for questioning about their wealth and their assets ... in fact, at this hour, ministry of justice officials are questioning his sons,” it reported.

Mubarak, who has a history of illnesses, had routinely travel to Germany for check-ups while in power. He had suffered from a number of health problems and had undergone gallbladder surgery ahead of the uprising against him. PTI


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