Friday, April 15, 2011

Mirror – A Horror among Middle Aged Women

A study has revealed that middle-aged women are unhappier with the way they appear in the mirror. The study was conducted by Opinion Matters in January 2011. It was an online study in which around 1,246 women took part.

They study has discovered that over 90% of women aged in their 40s and 50s are unhappy with the way they look. It is believed that these women suffer from dubbed mid-life mirror angst syndrome. It is shocking that only nine per cent women feels proud over their look in the age of 50.

Midlife mirror angst syndrome is caused by the changes wrought by age in body. Moreover, youth-obsessed fashion industry has led to a dramatic drop in body confidence among women when they get older.

The Behavior Psychologist, Susan Quilliam has told that most of the women reach at the peak of their mental, emotional and relationship effectiveness as they attain their mid-age.

Fashion is made for the youth. At the mid-age women’s body become challenging for the fashion, as at this particular stage of their life they body doesn’t look appealing in fashionable cloths. The incapability to wear modish cloths makes women unhappier at their mid-age. The study has also revealed that middle-aged women are four times unhappier than teenage girls because of their looks.


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