Monday, April 11, 2011

Tackling cough during pregnancy

Motherhood is the most beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It is a proud moment for every lady who has a little life within her and she nurtures her child with utmost care and love.

Motherhood brings along a basket full of responsibilities. A mother has to take care of herself and the baby within her. Every little action and step affects the baby.

Cold and cough is something that can affect anyone at any point of time. Incase you are pregnant and have cold or cough you don’t have to panic although the cold may be troublesome.

If you are ill for more than few days and have fever accompanied by sore throat consult your doctor and get the proper medication.

Dr. Shalabh Sharma says, “Women who have asthma should visit the doctor incase of any difficulty while breathing.”

A proper medication can help you feel better but will not help you relieve of the two completely. Here are certain tips to help you during cold and cough:

    * You should drink plenty of fluids such as warm tea, juices to help thin secretions and prevent dehydration.

    * You may find it difficult to sleep with a stuffy nose. Prop up on two to here pillows for easy breathing. You can also use saline nose drops.

    * Steam inhalation with steam drops of eucalyptus can relieve blocked nose and prevent headaches.

    * Hot water with lemon and honey help relieve a sore throat.

    * Garlic and onions are also beneficial in curing cold and cough.

    * Gargle with salted hot water at least 2-3 times a day. It will help you feel better.

    * Take antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor to avoid coughing. Coughing can cause your water bag to burst resulting in premature labor pains.

    * Lastly proper healthcare can prevent you and your baby from all such troubles and medications.

Decongestants (used to cure colds and allergies), cough suppressants and medicines for fever and pain are safe. However, one must seek medical advice before popping the over-the-counter pills.

Treating your cold and cough during pregnancy is crucial as it is not your health alone that is at stake.


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