Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cancer can be thrown away by an aspirin

There is a counting of millions across India to reduce them of pain. They must be guarded against heart disease and cardiac arrest.

Moreover it is that cancer can be avoided by having a single pill low dose aspirin daily. This is found by a new research.

On Tuesday, scientists have discovered there may be 20% lower chance of being diagnosed and dying of various types of cancer by having low-dose Aspirin - just 75 mg daily to those who take it, it was found while researching in the Lancet. But they may have cancers who don't take it.

Dr Peter Rothwell from the Oxford University who has made a team has researched over 25,000 patients in eight studies and found that aspirin decreased cancer death by 21%.

Also there was decrease in death rates by 34% for all types of cancers and 54% for gastrointestinal cancers which took five years to discover.

There was 20% of fall for all cancers and 35% lower for gastrointestinal cancers in the death rates after 20 years.


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