Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ravi Kishan goes completely nude

Well hold your breath, before we give you the news. For the first time he will be going completely nude for his film titled 'Man From Banaras' in which he plays an aghori. It is being produced by an American-based company Pun Films and directed by Sudhir Kadam.

As reported the director said, “Aghoris are a cult and there is a myth that they posses supernatural powers. They are usually found in crematoriums and so we will be shooting our film in Banaras's crematoriums. Ravi Kishan is quite okay with the concept and had shed all his inhibitions. The film is basically a love story about a journalist, who comes from abroad to research on the aghoris, and how she is fascinated by aghoris who remain untraceable.


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