Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shruti-Siddharth back to bonding

Shruti Haasan and Siddharth Narayan; the hunk from the South who came to prominence after RDB; seem to be really bonding well these days.

Despite the repeated denials by the couple on their togetherness, Siddharth is very concerned about his ‘friend’s’ bad back. She was overworked while shooting in Hyderabad and said that she felt like she had a broken back.

Shruti will surely be impressed by Siddharth’s prompt concern. He asked via a social networking website, “How is the damaged back?” He also complimented her new picture.

We wonder what was so special about it; but there must be something if Siddharth says so. Shruti also promptly thanked Siddharth for his lavish compliments and said she was much better. She also added the formal ‘how have you been?’!We suggest they exchange phone numbers for a more direct conversation.


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